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Circles - The Last One - Vinyl LP (Transparent Turquoise) LTD EDITION

Circles - The Last One // Limited Edition Transparent Turquoise Vinyl

Transparent Turquoise 12" Vinyl (33 rpm) in jacket with double sided insert limited to 300 copies worldwide.

RELEASE DATE: 31st August, 2018


1. Winter
2. Breaker
3. The Messenger
4. Arrival
5. Tether
6. Resolution
7. Dream Sequence
8. Renegade
9. Blueprints for a Great Escape
10. Alone With Ghosts

Australian alternative progressive rock powerhouse Circles are the next step in the evolution of heavy music. The intricacy, the emotional heartstring pull of the lyrics, the precision, and the sheer force of their output places them in a class of their own. The Melbourne-based, world-class outfit  unleashed their highly anticipated new album The Last One on August 31st 2018 through Wild Thing Records.

The Last One, an album of tremendous power and lyrical inventiveness, delivers on the promise made on their Basick Records debut album Infinitas (2013). With guitarist Ben Rechter assuming the role of lead vocalist and fellow band members Ted Furuhashi (guitar/backing vocals), David Hunter (drums), and Drew Patton (bass guitar/screamed vocals) providing a maelstrom of musical brutality, Circles have written and recorded a simply phenomenal album. The band’s uniquely designed off-kilter stadium-like riffs and dynamic grooves, exemplified in the track Dream Sequence, beautifully contrast with breathtaking soaring vocals and catchy hooks apparent in highlight song Tether, with new front-man Ben Rechter’s lush melodic singing styling instantly becoming a signature of Circles’ ever expanding Sound.

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